The FTSON ListServ is an email based platform for those interested in transit safety and operations to communicate with practitioners.  The listserv acts as an open forum for posting and discussion of news and information about transit safety.  It is an effective way to get questions answered from peers in the FTSON community who have varied backgrounds at agencies of all sizes.  Chances are that someone else has encountered a situation similar to one you may need guidance about, and can share ideas that can help you.

Subscribe to the Listserv:

Users can subscribe to a list through email by following these instructions:

  1. Start a new email.
  2. Click the “Format Text” tab and then select “Plain Text”
  3. In the “To…” field type:
  4. In the body of the e-mail type the following: (replace username with your email address)
    SUBSCRIBE ftson username
  5. Send the email without a subject line.
  6. In a few minutes, you should get a confirmation email.