Florida Transit Safety Summit – June 6, 2016

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Morning Sessions

Welcome and Introductions

SMS Implementation Strategies, Federal Transit Administration (FTA)
Presented by: Lynn Spencer, Director of System Safety, Office of Transit Safety and Oversight; and Ream Lazaro, FTA’s Bus Safety Program

Florida Transit Agency Presentations
Presenters: Jim Egbert, MCAT; Paul Goyette, Lee Tran; and Theo Bakomihalis, PSTA

SMS Perspectives from “Accountable Executives”
Presenters: Jim Egbert, MCAT; Steve Myers, GM, Lee Tran; and Steve Berry, LYNX

SMS Implementation Panel with All Presenters – Q/A

Afternoon Sessions

Securing Bus Transit Systems from Security Risks (Including Acts of Terrorism)
Presenters: Curt Secrest, TSA; and Kevin Gaddis, WMATA

Update on FTSN Research Projects

Florida Transit Safety Network Committee Reports (Where We’ve Been/Where We Want to Go)

  • Collisions Committee – Chair:  Colin Mulloy, JTA;
  • Fatigue Committee – Chair:  Don Worrell, StarMetro
  • Bus Operations and Passenger Safety – Chair:  Stephen Berry, LYNX
  • Distracted Driving Committee – Chair:  Jim Egbert, MCAT
  • Rural Committee Organization – Chair:  Ed Clark, St. John’s County COA; Bob Westbrook and Victor Wiley, FDOT
  • Safety Training Committee – Chair:  Paul Goyette, Lee Tran

Selected Topics in Substance Abuse Management
Presenter: Diana Byrnes, CUTR

Closing Session – Observations from FTSN members and Summit Guests