Florida Transit Safety Summit – June 3, 2015

Morning Sessions

Welcome and Introductions

Florida Transit Safety Network Committee Reports and Discussions

Fatigue Awareness, Recognizing the Signs of Fatigue and Fitness for Duty, and SMS
Presenter: Stephen Popkin, PhD, Director of Safety Management and Human Factors, Volpe National Transportation Systems Center, Cambridge, MA

Cyber Security in Transit
Presenter: David Hahn, Senior Program Specialist—Safety and Security, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Washington, DC

APTA’s Industry Standards Program and Voluntary Bus Assessments
Presenter: David Hahn, APTA

Afternoon Sessions

Observations and Lessons Learned: Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Voluntary Base Line Assessments for Security Enhancements (BASE)
Presenter: Curt Secrest, Regional Surface Transportation Security Inspector, US Department of Homeland Security, TSA, Jacksonville, FL

Special Presentation—Jacksonville Transportation Authority, 2015 APTA Safety Award Winner

Substance Abuse Management Program—Regulatory and SAM Program Updates

Strategies to Prevent, Reduce, and Mitigate Bus Collisions—Findings to Date

Examination of Passenger Assaults on Bus Transit Systems—Findings to Date

Q&A and Discussion from PDW “Mega” Compliance Session: Critical Topics in FDOT and FTA Program Compliance (Tuesday, June 2nd | 1:15-5:00pm)

Closing Session—Summary, Final Comments and What’s Next