Florida Transit Safety Summit – June 2, 2014

The Florida Statewide Transit Safety Summit was held on Monday, June 2, 2014 prior to the Florida Public Transportation Association’s (FTPA) mid-year Professional Development Workshop. The FPTA sponsored Summit brought together approximately 90 transit professionals from across the state with varied backgrounds and responsibilities.

Participants enjoyed engaging presentations by Gwo-Wei Torng with Noblis Transportation Systems who presented “Analysis of Collisions Involving Transit Vehicles and Applicability of Connected Vehicle ” and Ream Lazaro with Boyd, Caton & Grant who was the discussion leader/presenter during the segment on “Accident Review Process Best Practices.“ Other topics of special note during the Summit include the further discussion and endorsement of “Bus Operator Minimum Guidelines and Content,” (providing statewide minimum guidelines for bus operator training programs), a presentation by Diana Byrnes on “What You Don’t Know, Might Hurt You,” the “Safety Implications of Transit Operator Schedule Policies,” and “The Relationship Between Transit Operations and Safety.” Andre Goins with FDOT’s State Rail Operations and Programs Administrator presented “Operation Lifesaver and See Tracks? Think Train.” The chairs of the FTSN committees, highlighted those topics under discussion and review by their committees, and plans for the development of policies, procedures, or training curriculum to address those issues (this includes extensive work in the area of bus operator and passenger assaults).  There was significant interaction and idea exchange among Summit participants.