MAP-21: A Focus on Asset Management and State of Good Repair

MAP-21 establishes new requirements for transit asset management plans by transit agencies as well as new reporting requirements to promote accountability. The goal of improved transit asset management is to implement a strategic approach for assessing needs and prioritizing investments for bringing the nation’s public transit systems into a state of good repair. This is not an entirely new concept with transit agencies in Florida as it relates to sound maintenance practices and capital improvement planning. This session will provide insight to FTA’s expectations and status of developing a national transit asset management system, as well as current relevant practices of a number of Florida Transit Agencies.

Moderators: Rob Gregg, CUTR Liz Stutts, FDOT

Presenters: Keith Melton, FTA (invited) Parris Orr, FTA (invited) Paul Starling, RTS Jon Kavaliunas, Palm Tran

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