About us

The Florida Transit Safety and Operations Network (FTSON) is comprised of members representing each of Florida’s public transit agencies and the Florida Department of Transportation. The purpose of the FTSON is to provide a platform for discussion of safety and operational challenges, opportunities, and initiatives impacting public transportation providers in Florida. This forum allows urban and rural member transit agencies to identify safety and operational issues and share leading practices that lead to better outcomes. The FTSON is a resource to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) Public Transit Office bringing forward transit safety and operational concerns which represent the greatest risks faced by local service providers.

The FTSON maintains a coordinated statewide front to address and adequately prepare for and respond to the national Federal Transit Administration (FTA) transit safety program requirements originally described in MAP-21 and furthered by the FAST Act. Locally, it acts as a mechanism for collaborating stakeholder input for proposed modifications to Rule Chapter 14-90, Florida Administrative Code, as well as other statewide policies, procedures and rules.  The FTSON coordinates with other FDOT sponsored transit networks such as Florida Transit Maintenance Consortium (FTMC), the Florida Transit Planning Network (FTPN), etc. on topics of shared interest to further efforts to embrace a culture of safety at transit systems. The FTSON also complements the Statewide Transit Technical Assistance and Training Program, by providing advice and suggestions on proposed training topics.

The Florida Transit Safety and Operations Network is funded by the Florida Department of Transportation Office of Freight, Logistics and Passenger Operations. The network is administered by the Center for Urban Transportation Research at the University of South Florida.

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